BlockChain Rewards

The VYVO™ database is rapidly becoming one of the largest, most diverse, multi-country, anonymous,
permission granted, bio-databases in the world, with millions of data points being added every month.

Blockchain Reward

VYVO™ has a diverse unique database covering areas like – heart rates, blood pressure indicator, breath rates, heart check, moods, steps, sleep analysis, for example, obtained from their wearable technology.

Big Data buyers and entities involved in new product research and testing, are willing to pay to access this data BUT they face a significant challenge. How can they easily and efficiently verify that the VYVO™ wearable data has not been tampered with or altered once incorporated into the database?

VYVO™ is addressing this challenge by using Blockchain technology exactly as it was intended i.e. to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

VYVO™ is in the process of establishing a California based joint venture called Odee LifeLog Corp with its partner Odee Ltd, who are highly experienced in Blockchain and are in the process of establishing an independent, public, decentralized exchange platform in Europe where cryptocurrencies can be traded.

Fabio Galdi, CEO, VYVO™ advises that…

“Big data buyers are prepared to pay a premium for ‘anonymous’ VYVO™ data on BlockChain because it gives buyers fast access to reliable, rich, anonymous, untouched and unique data.”

VYVO™ wearers will also benefit as we refer others so they can benefit as we are able to plan to reward those who generate this data just by ‘wearing’ their connected wearable device. This allows those building their independent business to build a network around this amazing opportunity.

Those building Independent businesses working with VYVO™ in the near future will also be able to benefit in two further ways.

LIFELOG REWARD PLAN – This reward plan is based on profit share from wearable data sales on the blockchain.


1) Direct data stream reward.
Wearers build passive income directly by wearing their wearable.

2) Data stream by group volume.
Those that introduce wearable technology (Sense the new smart band) to others will be rewarded in a number of ways but for now, let’s consider an additional reward with Blockchain.

The introduced user wears the smart band and for every wearable data block, they generate daily – both the user and the introducer will be financially rewarded. This can be traced back to even those you did NOT introduce directly but somewhere along the way they were introduced via your original connection.

The reality is people will be paid in the near future in Cryptocurrency to be healthy! Where they will be wearing virtually a hospital and doctor on your wrist guiding you to vibrant health!

This is just one opportunity within many with VYVO™ to build a solid business based on the future of health.

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