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Top coaches ensure they keep up to date with changes in their industry to see how they can enhance their service.

Doctors recently stated in a UK journal that they are hugely excited by the advances in a technological driven world where solutions can be tailored made. This is just the beginning to the next level as technology fuses with health and fitness.

Health and Fitness Coaches

For example, technology is able to move fast as Artificial Intelligence was used to search for an Ebola cure and found 2 options. This was done in less than a day, as opposed to the years it may have taken previously.

The old ways of guessing with our clients what training is right, what foods and nutrition to take and how to diet will be consigned to our history books.

It is my opinion with few exceptions personal trainers, dietitians, naturopaths and nutritionists are very likely to FAIL long term when treating their customers. There are very few that have a broad base of specialist’s skills not confined to one specific area.

For example, look at an expert of food or nutrition they can only see one part of the human system. This is the same for a personal trainer they can only see another part of the human system.

How can we possibly truly know an individual as everyone’s DNA is different and we all have a personal chemistry?!

This finally explains why most diets. Nutritional guidance and most fitness regimes are failing people.

Because until recently we had NO scientific way to match each person’s genes, taking into account individual lifestyle, medications and ‘personalized’ nutrition. We are all uniquely ‘different’ BUT were not treated as individuals or treating consumers as individuals.

Right now generally the status quo is one size fits all with generic diets, nutritional guidance and workouts.
The fact is there is no off the shelf – one size fits all.

Yet most fitness regimes and diets look the same. People are being treated as if in general were all the same! When those clients that don’t get the results they seek in what they feel is a reasonable time this brings about a high turnover of clients.

Leaving most coaches to spend more time on generating new consumers to replace a revolving door.

The way forward is to use the technology that is available now that will enable the consumer to be treated and worked with as an individual. This can only accelerate positive changes and will help to extend the shelf life of our clients and introduce more referred business.

VYVO™ has evolving technology fusing with health – this is the future – this is only the beginning – where will this be in 12 months – this is one of the most profound “shifts” in the history of the world.

Coaches need to ensure they are providing the very best service establishing the best way to diagnose what their clients would need first as an individual? Then prescribe an action plan tailored to them. That would be totally bespoke to them.

Coaches need to work a strategy and assess what technological devices would enhance their business by providing more VALUE. The by-product of enhanced services can only increase the turnover of the business when clients reap the benefits and get a better understanding of how they can become their best version.

One service through technology is the opportunity to provide a unique actionable report for each client that is true ONLY to them. This personalized report breaks down the foods and nutrition for example that they need or are toxic to them. What type of exercise your client needs cardio or resistance training? How would this be of benefit if these personalized reports changed monthly?
Would this not help to accelerate their process to their best version?

This is just the beginning as technology will change everything in the health and fitness industry?

The old ways of guessing what training is right for you and what
foods and nutrition to take will be in our history books one day soon.

Would the following not be of benefit to your client?

Did you know?
That your client may not absorb nutrition if they are unaware that an everyday product that they are very likely to be using will stop them metabolizing nutrition. Review in the ‘member’s section’ the article on BioZen™ .

Did you know?
We have a device that protects you at a biological level against electric radiation (EMF) that emits from most everyday electrical items? Think on that as you see someone hold their cell phone to their head where electric radiation can shoot up 2 inches into their head. What about a child’s where it penetrates much further? 

Did you know?
That excess sugar influences over 140 diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity etc. Review the article on VYVO Extense™ . There is a technology that would allow you to assess if your client is showing signs of sugar toxicity.

Would your client not wish that they could be alerted to consider a healthier lifestyle?

Sugar creates diseases by accumulation silently over a period of years.
Cancer did not suddenly materialize because you found a lump. Your heart attack did not happen because it happened today. Arthritis did not just suddenly appear with pain. This started years ago silently – now we have the opportunity to not only prevent disease but in a lot of cases reverse disease with new technology that alert – protect – manage and allow us to self-monitor. 

Did you know? 
That you can have specific guidance on exercise that your body is telling you what you need? This can change monthly.

Did you know? 
That if you take medication a report can be produced that your doctor can refer to showing you if the medication is working for you or actually toxic for you? How do you know if you are taking 2 or more medications that there not interacting with each other negatively? 

This is ONLY the beginning as VYVO™ technology evolves. VYVO™ has formed a partnership with Foxconn™ as their technology provider they are the world’s largest Technological Group with a revenue of over 150 billion U.S dollars. Their technology and expertise will work alongside VYVO to produce new evolving amazing products. 

The health Industry is undergoing an exciting revolution of change.
This will take place as technology infuses with health.

We are looking for a collaboration with coaches that are visionaries where they can see what we see and where this is going.

Let me ask you this, where do you think this technology will be in 1–3 years from now?
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