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VYVO has cracked the code providing solutions that are unique to having a healthy natural weight. This will change everything as we used to know it!

In order to appreciate how far VYVO is removed from conventional methods, we need to look at why most people fail to diet and why dieting just does NOT work for the masses beyond short term initial results that rarely have longevity without consequences.

There are 4 main reasons why most fail long term with a conventional diet program. 

  1. People can be overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do.
  2. More importantly, they don’t know what’s right for them!
  3. Most won’t be consistent following short term support with NO ‘ongoing’ support.
  4. Food is almost always the number ONE reason why people fail in their diet programs.
Permanent Weightloss

“No, that doesn’t make any difference either, Miss Jones.”

These are the main reasons above why the vast majority spend their lives in a constant loop on dieting programs – starting – stopping – starting and repeating. In the USA alone around 100 Million go on a diet every year where the average diet lasts just over 30 days. The moment people stop a diet program they quickly go back to how it once was or worse!

Did you know there are over 90 officially registered diets just in the USA? To trial and error to find the right diet for you that works would take more than 7 years!

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 $60 billion dollar diet industry.

According to data by Marketdata Enterprises, a market research firm that specializes in tracking niche industries, Americans spend north of $60 billion annually to try to lose pounds, on everything from paying for gym memberships and joining weight-loss programs to drinking diet soda.

And there are so many diets to choose from in this present day. It becomes a confusing choice – everyone proclaiming their solution are the best.
The Paleo Diet, Blood Type Diet, Vegan Diet, Fruit only diet, Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Ketosis diet, Raw Food Diet and many more.

Most people fail with “hope diets”.

Here’s the danger that is NOT picked up by virtually all of the diet programs because we’re not treated as an individual. They won’t recognize that foods generally recognized as healthy food is not right for some people and they won’t know who. This could be, for example, Grapefruit, Spinach and turmeric as there’s a part of the population that should avoid certain foods because they are causing them silent inflammation within the body with no outward obvious issues.
Turmeric, in fact, it is widely known for being a powerful anti-inflammatory… in some people the reaction is TOXIC!

How would you know what foods work for you and what foods don’t if your just part of a general diet program recommended on mass? Why is it that one man’s healthy food can be another man’s poison?

Here is a BIG clue!

Ask yourself this:
Why do some people develop heart disease while others with the same habits don’t?
Answer – because we are all different.

Why is it that over 50% of rheumatoid arthritis patients do not respond to current drugs?
Answer – because we are all different.

Why do elderly people decline into years of progressive disability, then become invalids? Why do some people enjoy reasonable vigor right up to the end of their lives?
Answer – because we are all different.

Diet, Health and fitness is the one life category where you can’t just ‘model’ and copy others who have the results that you want.
Answer – because we are all different.

We are all internally as different as a fingerprint. However, we are NOT treated as individuals BUT we are ALL different on the inside.

Yet most fitness regimes and diets are recommended on mass or within groups with no consideration of who you are as an individual – you are treated as a number. It’s like banging a square peg into a round hole.

This finally explains why diets generally don’t work…why most health regimes are failing people.
Because they have no scientific way to match each individual person’s genes, environment and food.

The bottom line is you don’t know your genes.

That was until VYVO cracked the code providing solutions that are unique to you. This will become a paradigm shift in the way that we approach our way forward as an ‘individual’!

The old ways of guessing what diet, foods, nutrition and training will be consigned to our history books.

We are building your unique strategy to become your best version from cell level creating something that will last over conventional diet programs that mostly only has short term results.

The first step in getting to know you is by DNA testing …

Even though knowing your DNA is critical it is just one component to lasting optimal health.

There are those that have started using some of the DNA companies offering a DNA test and report BUT this is where they go wrong in just doing a DNA ‘test’ in isolation.

Because your DNA results will never change and neither will the report even years apart as your DNA never changes. BUT the expression of your Genes changes due to what demands are placed on your body within your environment, what you eat, stress levels, quality of sleep, exercise, lifestyle etc.

This means that your nutrition, food, tolerances, exercise needs will all change on a regular basis. You need to know how to meet your body’s needs in real time!

VYVO is the only company able to extract this vital information in real time to establish your needs. This saves time as your DNA will work with Artificial Intelligence and your biometrics. Your biometrics are obtained via your wearable VYVO technology. (Review BioSense in the header).

Your Biometric data in real time combined with your DNA will unlock your DNA code so it can work out your optimal diet and fitness plan based on the science of YOU, rather than guesswork, emotion and hope because as you know, hope dies last!

By following your bespoke plan matched to you your be removing trials, errors and irrelevancies as you be following YOU rather than mass market diet programs.

You are working your own unique strategy to become your best version from cell level creating something that will last over something that only has short term results.

However, critical it is to work from your DNA code and your biometrics this is not done in isolation.

Because most people won’t be consistent if they have no ongoing support. Humans get distracted and find it hard to come away from poor habits following a short change and most revert back. A bad system/process will beat a good person every day – without exception! We all need an ongoing system and process to support positive changes.

Here is the vital support that VYVO provides you to get you to become your best version with a healthy natural weight. If you have tried everything else and it’s not worked for you – then you need this structured support from VYVO.

1) Your receive regular actionable reports telling you what is right for you in terms of food, exercise and your uncover your unique vitamin and mineral requirement in alignment to your genetic predispositions with a plan of action. This can change monthly as your needs change this will be done automatically.

2) The opportunity to be alerted and guided back on course by your wearable technology (Sense) monitoring your real-time data relevant to you as an individual. More importantly, if we breach health safety guidelines within our vital senses we will be alerted to ensure we stay on course. Review Sense.

3) You will receive your own personalized nutrition shipped to your door. Review NutraPak.

We don’t need over complexity. The truth is, it’s about doing less not more. VYVO is creating a system that puts your health into autopilot regardless of your previous experience.

Weight Loss is of massive world interest where people are trapped in a loop of stop-start diets over the course of their lifetime! VYVO is evolving providing solutions from its unique combination of DNA working with A.I and real-time Biometrics.

The world will benefit from the solutions that VYVO brings to so many markets. This is just the beginning as technology evolves.

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