Delivering Health Solutions by Subscription.

VYVO have taken the radical approach of providing a new business model by delivering health solutions to the public via a subscription model.

This is a huge step forward – think about the success of Netflix! Look at mobile phones – people in various countries no longer buy a new mobile phone. They pay a subscription this comes with a package that may include a ‘free’ phone or a subsidized phone if you want a higher tech phone.

The VYVO solution to people’s health is a subscription model – this is at the heart of what the world needs now!

The problem today a lot of people get confused, overwhelmed and are working on guesses and hope and are just buying off the shelf standard types of diets, workouts and health programs. That everyone is trying to herd us into on a mass basis. BUT there is no off the shelf – one size fits all.
They generally don’t work beyond the short term – because we are individuals!

VYVO is unique as they are able to customize solutions through Artificial Intelligence working towards precision health. They are the only company that provides nutrition that can change monthly relative to you as an individual.

VYVO is entering a 7 Trillion-dollar industry where there is one ‘solution’ to so many different markets because were working with DNA, Artificial Intelligence and REAL time biometrics.
No other company is or able to work on this basis to date.

The Pro Subscription model allows any other product produced through their customized solutions to be added in the future to stay within that model. So what can be added in the future and what’s on the company’s agenda beyond personalized nutrition?

Imagine if a solution was able to apply to personalized moisturizers or anti-aging with products and guidance changing according to your body’s needs! Who would NOT want this?

The moisturizing Industry is huge as demanded by the market and demonstrated where some will pay £970 for La Prairie Cellular Platinum Rare moisturizer! How many will want their own Personal Moisturizer  where your body decides what you need – told to you straight from your own DNA and Biometrics where ‘your’ own moisturizer will change monthly as required by your body!
Think about that for a moment…

Subscription Health

Anti-aging is a massive multi-billion industry where people are buying products off the shelf or working processes as people strive to regain their youth. With the advancement of new sensors and more detailed and sophisticated DNA Analysis, the Oracle A.I will soon be able to analyze your bio-data and genes responsible for your aging process. This will be one of the profound ‘shifts’ in the history of the world as it will be personally designed – because your body told you ‘this is what I need’!

Your updated report will help provide choices to slow down your aging process and Oracle will become your anti-aging advisor and solution.

These are examples of future health solutions that can be available via your Pro Subscription as everything is evolving and there is no stopping evolution –this is exactly what the masses will want and desire

Summary of what is ‘currently’ within Pro Subscription
  • Nutrapak – Your personalized nutrition individual designed by you.
  • LifeLog – History Reports that have UNLIMITED data.
  • Oracle Artificial Intelligence Ongoing Reports.
  • Loyalty Points every month: 59 points are credited to your account.
  • Personal Guardian/SOS – Notification, Email, SMS
  • Protection plan for your device
  • We Care – UNLIMITED
  • Loyalty Program Activation
  • Protection Plan

Choose the subscription that is most beneficial for you!

Subscription Health

The Pro Subscription includes a number of benefits. Here is a brief summary of 4 of those benefits.

1) NUTRAPAK in order to appreciate the value of the VYVO Pro Subscription Package. Let’s start with considering one ‘part’ of your health solution within Pro subscription and that’s NutraPak.

The DNA NutraPak supplements that are a part of the monthly subscription package are ‘personalized’ to suit you as an individual delivered to your door.

NOTE: No other company can provide supplements individual to you based in your real time of where you are as an individual and what your current needs are. There are however, DNA companies that provide supplements and on average charge $200 a month for this service BUT their nutrition NEVER changes as they don’t have the mechanism to enable to take into account what your body needs now.

VYVO is NOT a nutrition company but we could become through solutions the number ONE mover of nutrition through our technology. Now imagine a Global Industry being fulfilled by solutions by 3rd parties! We are not selling products we are promoting a service and within that service there are products.

The world is changing fast and now DNA can be worked using Artificial Intelligence with your real time life sensing data monitored and captured by your wearable technology this enables customized solutions.

2) LIFELOG is a service that uses your wearable data records to track and generate a detailed report of your biometric-profile in real-time, 24/7. It uses all the measurements from your wearable to build a detailed profile daily.

This registers heart rates, blood pressure indicator, breath rates, heart check, moods, steps, sleep analysis, locations, itineraries, and many other parameters each day that is personal to you.

In every one of those moments, you can check, compare, and analyze your mood and wellness status and compare it to other dates. You can as well obtain tips and feedback on improving your health and lifestyle.

3) ORACLE A.I. Report – The Oracle doesn’t only calculate and elaborate your personalized Health and Wellness Plan, but it also helps with Disease Risk Prevention.

Oracle is able to detect and report possible disorders in your Sugar Management, possible abnormalities on your Blood Pressure or Cardiovascular condition, detecting many types of arrhythmias or fibrillation. Oracle is also able to assess possible risks of sleep disorders or imbalance on your energy intake or utilization.

This can be Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports and Real-Time notifications, these will help you live with peace of mind.

4) LOYALTY POINTS – This is simple to explain and provides you with real value. Every month you receive 59 points where one point is equivalent to one dollar. This allows you to accumulate and spend your points (dollars) in the Loyalty Store. This is where you can purchase with your points products that you can use personally or to expand your business, maybe give to a friend or family member or even sale.

Pro – Subscription

Has the most value at $99 a month where effectively you get back $59 a month through Loyalty Points!
In real terms, your subscription is costing you only $40 …

This is a DNA health & wellness ‘process’ that will disrupt an entire 7 trillion-dollar industry!